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Step into a world of vibrant joy! Love Therapy and RICE unite to spread love, kindness, and a burst of colors! This partnership is a harmonious blend, uniting two brands that are synonymous with joy, positivity, kindness, and love. 

Love Therapy was born from founder Elio Fiorucci's vision to infuse "Love" as an active value in fashion and design – it’s characterised by a fun and loving mood. Likewise, at RICE we create designs with a joyful spirit, and we are on a constant quest to color you happy. 

Our joint venture is a celebration of creativity, colors and Everyday Magic… a true love story 💘


Celebrate the joy of living

Elio Fiorucci wanted to ransmit kindness and respect for one’s neighbor and for the environment with happy, colorful clothing, accessories and objects that generate a feeling of optimism. So, he chose hearts, fruits, rainbow, animals, and gnomes to portray a world beyond rules bursting with love and kindness.

Fused with RICE’s iconic designs we created some joint products full of happiness and color 🌈🍒


The inspiration behind our joint products

Love Therapy and RICE share the same values of happiness and positivity, kindness, and love, while matching super happy colors with excellent taste on “everything you need for everyday life”. Together, we want to combine Love Therapy’s gnomes, creativity, and tenderness with the colorful universe of RICE, showing the extreme power that happiness and color can have 💘

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