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A true love story – Love Therapy x Rice


Knock, knock… who’s there? – well open the door and find out! This large, pink raffia house with Gnome theme is made in collaboration with Love Therapy and it is perfect for both playtime and storage for toys, books, blankets, and other thing you don’t want to show. So hurry up, you don’t want to miss a dinner invitation from the Gnomes!


Raffia Storage House - Rose - Love Therapy Theme

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  • Our raffia baskets and raffia houses were some of our very first products. The production takes place in two villages in the mountains of Madagascar and supports more than 300 families on the Red Island. 

    Because raffia is a natural material and the products are handmade, each product can vary in size and this variation is reflected in the coloring as well. This means two products are never quite alike, which we see as part of the charm. If exposed to direct sunlight, the colors will fade over time. The color of the raffia products might rub off if exposed to liquids.


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