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Art by Giuliano Grittini

Our message

LOVE THERAPY was dreamed and founded by Elio Fiorucci in 2003. It is characterised by a fun and loving mood; It does not propose full collections, but small pieces, new T-shirts, jeans, exuberant accessories, clothes to be worn alone or mixed with other well-loved garments. Fun-ctional and cheerful, colourful attire meant to last and become a loved favourite. 

The fabulous world of Love Therapy with its gnomes, its creativity, colours and tenderness, portrays a world beyond rules bursting with love and communicating respect for our fellow animals and for all of nature.

We think that nothing humans do has value if it is not embedded with spiritual values. Commercial activities are no exception. The conscious consumer senses this and shares these values.


When Elio Fiorucci started thinking about a new brand in 2003, he looked around him and made a wish. He wanted to further the Love revolution he had started in 1967 when he opened the Fiorucci store in Galleria Passerella in Milan. Everyone who came into the store – around five thousand a day! – suddenly felt good, relaxed, sensing that someone was personally taking care of them.


Selecting innovative, well designed articles, Elio Fiorucci always sought to convey a strong ethical message, believing that “a commercial or industrial activity has to grow out of a spiritual quest, because consumers are always able to recognize the essential values of a product.”


Creating Love Therapy was his way of communicating Love through fashion. He wanted to transmit kindness, respect for one’s neighbor and for the environment with happy, colorful clothing, accessories and objects that generate a feeling of optimism and celebrate the joy of living.


As the brand grows and develops, the adventure now continues with Floria Fiorucci, Elio’s sister, who has always played an active role in his life and work. Floria draws in other people, other outlooks that constitute a sort of extended creative family. Starting from the premise that beauty is imagination and freedom, Love Therapy proposes a collection of forms and colors with surprising impact. It is a brand that is both sweet and revolutionary at the same time, cutting across all boundaries.

Love Therapy represents a way of being happy, imaginative and, most importantly, kind and loving. As Elio liked to say: Love will save the world.

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