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A capsule collection "Space Cowboy": garments in denim, eye-catching and innocently sexy that perfectly enhance the feminine shapes. It’s one of the most seductive and brilliant garments, made entirely in Italy, that is good for everyone: an ode to the beauty and freedom of being a woman. As well as Elio Fiorucci designed the inimitable super stretch and hyper-sensual jeans - for the revolutionary era - Love Therapy revolutionizes the world with the "Space Cowboy", made of white "bull denim"

Must-have trousers born from the fusion of street wear and home wear, designed to express their personality in everyday life, are dynamic and perfect for any adventure. Three models: "Lost in Space" with the eye-catching embroidery on the back pockets, "Lost in Love", playful with the maxi star and embroidered heart, and "Milky White", the total-white, super-chic and refined. 

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Love Therapy Zero is an association NO-PROFIT of volunteers whose mission is to bring a moment of happiness: to the children of the Geneva cantonal hospital with DIY entertainment and games and support for families; to elderly people, in hospitals, to abused women by bringing compositions of flowers recovered from the unsold stock of Genevan florists.

Love Therapy curated the image of volunteers with personalized merchandising: aprons, sweatshirts and tshirts.


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