Tucked into scented tissue paper and nestled in a magic box, here come the new Love Therapy T-shirts bearing messages of love and kindness to nourish us with inspiring food for thought.

It’s true, we kept you waiting a bit, but finally the doors to the magical world of Love Therapy are open!! We decided not to present full collections in our Online Store. Instead you’ll find special editions and we’ll frequently add new items that are all lovingly made with painstaking attention to detail and concern for the environment.

The messages on the T-shirts, the brand’s hallmark, are simple but thought-provoking. “L’amore rende magica la vita” [Love makes life magical] is written in red childlike calligraphy on a white background. The graphics of “Amor Vincit Omnia” are borrowed from vintage tattoos. With its flower power, “Have a nice day” is a sort of hippie slogan that is also printed on fabric handbags in a wide variety of colors.

And in keeping with the Love Therapy tradition, colorful designs and words also personalize the tins in which the T-shirts are delivered. This is a feature people have always loved. The first batch consists of four different messages for four different T-shirts. Collectors take note!


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