September. Here at Love Therapy we cannot help remembering the times when Elio would come back from his travels, open his suitcase and let all the surprises spill out onto the table. And sometimes he had a whole set of suitcases!

He brought back samples he picked up in the markets of Bangkok, in shops in Rio De Janeiro, or at fairs scattered all over the world. Observing other people’s ideas was one of his sources of inspiration. And he was not ashamed to say, “I don’t create, I copy!” But there’s copying and then there’s copying... The stitching on a quilt gave him an idea for reworking a shirt collar, or a souvenir figurine inspired a new design for a T-shirt, and so on.

He had the gift of picking out the new in the most unlikely places: in the graphics on a box of matches, in the shape of a bead, in the color of a glass bottle... Anything could be a source of inspiration to him.

We still find inspiration in the contents of those suitcases of his! And naturally also in our own...


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