Hawaiian vintage on the new Love Therapy website, an invitation to delight in simple things that resist the passage of time, to live the freedom and fantasy of the tropics. A captivating world, with its overwhelming nature and the sweet charm of hula dancers. It’s not so different from the enchanted fairy-tale forests inhabited by gnomes, where you feel the vitality in everything and magic really happens!

You will often find clothing, accessories and objects made in limited numbers on the Love Therapy website. We feature them because they are cheerful and well made, they radiate happiness and optimism, they inspire and thrill.

That’s who we are: we let ourselves be inspired by the moment, we are unpredictable. We will amaze you with proposals that are at once sweet and revolutionary. Pleasant surprises are in store for people who live happily and creatively, and especially for people who know the value of kindness and love. As Elio Fiorucci, founder of Love Therapy, often used to say: “Love will save the world”. And it really will: love makes life magical.


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